The beginning of a three part CHoices trilogy

Struggling art gallery owner, Liz Ashton, is doing everything she can to stay afloat. When wealthy businessman, Damon St. Claire, asks her to become his submissive, she recoils at his offer of an ‘arrangement’ but is curious and, craving more of how he makes her feel, she submits. Liz pushes her boundaries, seeking ultimate pleasure, and becomes stronger as the result of their arrangement. Damon introduces her to a whole new world, where money is no object and pleasure awaits her… along with pain.

Damon fights against his rising feelings, trying to convince himself that his lifestyle and arrangements are what he desires. When he travels to China for business, then to visit his sister in LA, Liz escapes his firm hold, traveling to South Beach and Havana in search of clients. Damon acknowledges – and then denies – his feelings for Liz.

When they reunite on his isolated island, he vows to regain control.


An anthology of Eight Romances to Make You Sizzle

After the Fire by Joanne Machin and Sarah Estep
A dutiful granddaughter returns to the small town after the loss of her grandmother and is confronted
with guilt, grief, and the love of a boy she thought she'd left behind forever.

Cherry Blossoms by Jessi Noelle
A firefighter on her way to work meets an artistic barista.

Wetdown by Lana Delacroix
A New York City detective-turned-small town police chief is all work until the smoldering volunteer
fire captain shows her a pleasurable aspect of rural life.

Rookie Mistake by Brit McGinnis
Amy saves lives regularly as a rookie at Mercy Fire. But no guy in town has been able to face the
challenge of dating a hero with a demanding job. But a fire reporter new in town might just be
up to the challenge.

Need a Hand? by Eliot Grayson
Running over a cute civilian who’s in the act of rescuing a three-legged cat, and sending him
to the hospital with a broken wrist? Not so heroic. But Damian’s determined to make amends, and
he offers Cary a helping hand. When sparks fly, can Cary trust Damian not to break his heart?

Yes Ma’am, I Can Fix That by Zoe Asher
Juggling school and work, Tammy struggles to survive on her own. A gushing kitchen faucet in her
run down apartment brings a gorgeous handyman to her rescue. Will Tammy allow Clay into her life,
and find more than just a helping hand?

Repairs for Breakfast by D. Renee
Myra is swamped with repairs on her new business but a routine inspection gives her an unexpected
lifeline in Colin, the hunky but quiet firefighter with a gift for swinging a hammer. Unbeknownst to
Myra, he’s looking for a sweeter deal than just breakfast.

Sideways by Tobi Doyle and Rebecca Barray
Schoolteacher Melby's life had faded into a tired rut, until two hot firefighting handymen crash
into her life, knocking her sideways.



Five years ago, Sophie Arneau arrived on Rue de la Buffa in the Gambetta neighborhood of Nice France, with her ambition of running a pet shop devoted to rescue animals. She took on a lease in an old building, living above her shop, making new friends in the neighborhood, and running pet adoption days with Cote d’Azur Rescue Animals. Developers had begun accumulating properties, knocking down the old structures and building residential apartment blocks. Sophie wonders if she can survive? Will her Christmas wish be granted to continue Mes Amis pet shop, and will a developer’s handsome on-site manager become important as Sophie finds the answers to her hopes and dreams?



The Second Installment of the Choices Trilogy

Elizabeth continues her transformation into Damon’s lifestyle, growing and embracing her desires while still hoping for something more than an arrangement.

 Damon comes face-to-face with emotions he has buried for years, believing the only way he can survive is to maintain control.

 A series of incidents finds them both beginning to deal with their emotions as they look for a middle ground. After casting Elizabeth aside, Damon realizes he may lose her and goes after her to bring her home. Pleasure is there for both, but the pain is emotional, with Damon trying to let go of some of the beliefs he has lived by and Elizabeth believing everything will be all right, that she is happy for now, and that she and Damon will live together happily ever after. But is that really how it will turn out?

 Publisher's Note: This contemporary romance contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.