Escape the binds of earthly plight
Convey to me your darkest dreams
My wings will take us far away
To pleasures yet to be.
Dream on unguarded through the night
For from your dreams I see
Your spirit beckons dark desires
Outside conformity
Your senses heighten in the void
‘Tween dreams and conscious state
The darkness deepens, pulls you down
I hold you and await
The cries of pain and pleasure sing
There is no light; you cannot see
Hold fast your thoughts and have no fear
For I will guide you; trust in me
Swishing, slapping, moaning, screaming
Your body moves toward the sounds
Prepare yourself to meet your dreams
Your dark desires and pleasures found.
A light shines now upon this space
The pleasures that you seek are clear
My wings release you and you ask
Awake or in a dream, I fear.
We’re you a bird, but now a man?
Who is it sir; are you my mate?
I come in many forms and names
I am your vision and your fate.
The dungeon ‘round us is alive
Behind the ropes are many scenes
Observe at first and then begin
To switch, reality for dreams
But dreams are where you wish to play
So for the moment we pretend
Adventures fade with morning’s light
‘Tis all forgotten in the end.
Come let us sample one by one
Vignettes around the room
Your eyes examine ropes and clamps
Will you be bound and hanging soon?
Observe the woman kneeling there
The Dom begins his task
To bind her body and protect her
Exert control and keep her fast.
Yachting ropes secure the bonds
The knots familiar if you sail
A Lark’s head knot, the drama starts
Suspension is the holy grail
You wish to join? Then on we go
To where the next scene plays
A woman stretched across a bench
The Dom behind her flays
The redness of her ass displayed
For all the world to see
The moans escaping from her lips
Come from her ecstasy
Your eyes grow wide, your breathing fast
I sense you’ve found your first desire
The time has come to let me lead
Submit, your pleasure to acquire.
Stretch out your arms across the bench
Restraints begin your trial
Your ass on view, your legs are spread
Fulfillment is at hand, I smile
You feel my hand and moan to start
You’re anxious now to know and sense
Pleasure, Pain, your dark desires
The time is now, let us commence.
Nod for me my innocent
Say when you wish to start.
Anticipation jerks my hand.
Desire for you consumes my heart.
I see your nod, now count for me
Begin at one and end at ten
My hand spanks upward on your ass
You flinch, cry ‘One’ and nod again
The next is more intense in pain
Your buttocks reddens. ‘Two’ you cry
Stay with me beauty, up we go
You nod go on, my cock stands high
The vision of you spread for me
As we begin to soar
Again my Beauty, Feel the Bite
You nod, cry ‘Three’, and Cry for More
Let’s move beyond your first response
And heighten pleasure and your pain
My hand spanks twice, you jerk surprised
‘Four’ ‘Five’ you cry, and nod again
Your ass is red, your sex is wet
Your pleasure visible for all
My hand spanks thrice, you strain to meet
Cry ‘Six,’ ‘Seven,’ ‘Eight,’ then nod and fall
Into a space you’ve never been
You are so beautiful to see.
Your eyes are glazed, your mouth ajar,
Your breathing quickens, fly with me
My hand strikes twice upon your ass
‘Nine,’ ‘Ten’ you moan and cry in space
I kneel behind you lick your sex
Massage your ass and soothe it’s face
My arm supports as I untie
You from restraints and bring you down
I hold you fast and shelter you
And keep you safe, your pleasures found
My innocent, your mouth is dry
Inhale the nectar of our sex
Drink now from me, and savour well
The juices from my loins eject
I spread you now upon the ground
And raise your arms above your head
Keep still, my beauty, do not move
The forest floor provides our bed
The fireflies twinkle over us
Illuminate the artist’s hand
Of hills and valleys, smooth and light
A feast before me you command
I suck your nipples and you strain
And arch towards me wanting more
My fingers rub and pinch, you moan
I hold you down, transfer the lore
My tongue licks down; you writhe and moan
Above your mons my gaze casts down
Your sex so open, wet for me
A flower’s petals’ scent I’ve found
My nose inhales between your lips
My mouth and tongue suck on your nub
You gasp and moan and beg for more
Yes, you are mine, my little sub
Let’s take you up for one last time
Before the ending of our play
My thrust is hard to match your cries
Cum for me beauty; Now! I say
Your shaft contracts and milks me dry
I hold you fast as you come down
Relax until the spasms stop
I will not leave you, now you’re found
But day is coming soon my sweet
And hurry we must stream away
My wings enfold you and you sleep
Returning next you dream to play