Zoe Asher - AUTHOR

I’m a writer at large, and a self-confessed Francophile. I divide my time between New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and the cobblestoned little nooks of southern France.

You will find me in cafes, art galleries, markets, by the seaside and in urban jungles, patiently observing passersby and mulling over the twinkle in their eyes. My sizzling romantic novels draw on my travels and adventures with a liberal dollop of imagination—when is love truly love without a touch of madness?

A hopeless romantic, I’m addicted to strong narratives of love in all forms: books by favorite authors such as Barbara Taylor Bradford, Elena Ferrante and Virginia Woolf, or the occasional gem from Hollywood. I would choose Keanu Reeves over Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets. Music reflects my mood—classical, rock, jazz and disco. I tear up listening to Memories from Cats, Dance Me To The End of Love or Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, or Air on a G String by Bach.

I seldom leave my doorstep without Nanou, my loving chihuahua and co-conspirator. We share a penchant for summer lavender.