What do I see when in my place
My mirror shows another face
A face with eyes no longer bright
Obscure the way, block out the light
Behind those clouds the memories play
Of happy times and sunny days
Chasing rainbows, catching stars
The future bright, the end so far
But now with youth and beauty gone
No more desired, time passes on
The heart becomes an empty space
No need to run, no need to race
Fade quietly into the night
Accept your fate, forget the fight
You are a ghost and no one cares
You are not here, you were not there


I had not cried in two long years
Today the flood gates opened wide
For it was only yesterday
You walked along my side.
Last night you wanted to be held
And cuddled before bed.
This morning’s light I found you
And first thought, what a sleepy head.
No one will ever take your place
Your eyes so big, so bright
Your ears alert and standing straight
Your tail forever taking flight.
Gone now the patter of little feet
Or you curled up beside my writer’s desk
You filled an empty space within my heart
And now you are at rest.
I thought we’d have more time to share
T’is something no one knows
As I look back and think of you,
a truth is what I see
I may have felt I’d rescued you,
in fact you rescued me.